A few months ago, Kris Straub announced on his website that he had to shut down the wiki he was running for Broodhollow. It got so overrun by spam that no one could repair it. As I was reading through the website, I found out that the same thing happened a few years before to the wiki he ran for Starslip. I also see that spam has been appearing for several months, though the way the website is set up, it only shows you the five most recent comments. It's not readily apparent that the situation is getting worse.

I just became an admin on the Broodhollow Wikia. Another user and I have done a lot of work to put up descriptions of each comic so that people who are blind can still enjoy the story, whether another person reads it to them or they use a text-to-speech program. It's kind of a cross between an audiobook and when families would gather around a radio to listen to the story.

There is much more to do in filling out the rest of Broodhollow: the characters, the locations, the traditions, the spirits, etc., as well as all of the background material from Ichor Falls that became the basis for it. Kris has said that he used the old wikis as a resource for himself, so there's that motivation for having an active wiki about the series. He's stopped by a couple of times, so I hope that he can be more involved in the future.

Though Broodhollow and Starslip are about different subjects, they are presented the same way: a large story broken into books, and each page in the book advances the story. Broodhollow is just about to start its third book. Starslip has officially ended, but there is a possibility of a new story being published if things go well.

What I am planning on doing is work on the Broodhollow Wikia for the time being. Get the layout and structure of that one built, then use those ideas here. They are going to be sister wikis, so the way everything looks will also be similar. If I do it right, neither one will need major adjustments or overhauling for a very long time.

I don't know how long it will take to do the work on the Broodhollow Wikia, so there will probably be quite a long time before there is any more activity here. However, I will be checking here regularly to make sure there aren't any problems, and if someone happens to stop by that wants to get started on adding pages here, I wouldn't mind.